Faculty and Staff


Christian Beck
Associate Lecturer
Research Interests: Spatial theory; Resistance studies; Medieval and Contemporary Literature; Vigilante action and literature; Anarchist literature and thought; Political Movements and activism; Radical politics; Social justice
Rosalind Beiler
Associate Professor
Research Interests: Early American History, Atlantic History, Migration, Early Modern German History, Public History 
Ilenia Colón Mendoza
Associate Professor
Research Interests: Early Modern "Golden Age" Spain, Early Modern Women, Polychrome sculptures, Sacred and Liturgical Practices
Tyler Fisher
Associate Professor
Research Interests: Renaissance and early modern poetics, early modern Spain, folklore, oral history, microfiction, poetry across cultures, Kurdistan, anthropology of religion, translation
Martha García
Research Interests: Faculty: Medieval and Renaissance Studies Minor; Cervantes / Don Quixote ; Spanish Medieval & Golden Age / Early Modern Spain; Renaissance; Baroque; Spanish Enlightenment Literature; Reformation(s); Interdisciplinarity; Theological aspects of the narrative and theatre; Contemporary adaptations of literary classics; Rhetoric; Applied theory
Paolo Giordano
Research Interests:  Italian Literature of Emigration, Italian-American Literature, Renaissance and 20th Century Italian Literature
Francois-Xavier P. Gleyzon
Associate Professor
Research Interests: Early Modern British Literature (Shakespeare and Milton), Continental Philosophy and Theories of Representation, Christian & Muslim Mysticism and Theology
Duncan Hardy
Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Early Modern Europe; Late Medieval Europe; Reformation History; Political History; German History; Central Europe; Holy Roman Empire; Political Culture.
Stephen Hopkins
Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Early Medieval English Literature (Old English); Old Norse Literature; Middle Welsh Literature; Old/Middle Irish Literature; Late Antiquity; Biblical Apocrypha; Religious Literature; Intellectual History; History of Emotions; Linguistics & Philology; Lexicography
Haidar Khezri
Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Middle Eastern literatures and cultures, comparative literature (including Arabic, Persian, Kurdish, and Turkish), poetry, Middle Eastern minority cultures (Kurdish and Yezidi cultures), Arabic, Persian, and Kurdish as second/foreign languages
Peter Larson (he/him/his)
Associate Professor
Research Interests: Medieval & Early Modern England; social and economic history; legal history.
Tison Pugh
Research Interests: Medieval English Literature and Medievalisms; Queer and Gender Studies; Pedagogy; Film; Children's Literature; Southern Literature; Games and Narratology
Geri Smith
Research Interests: Late-medieval French poetry and theater. Women authors and representations of women in Medieval French literature. Evolving concepts of author and text in the Middle Ages.
Charlotte Trinquet du Lys
Associate Professor
Research Interests: Women literature of the Early Modern French Era.
The relationship between Fairy tales and Folklore.
European Fairy Tales Dissemination.
French Pop Culture.
Beth Rapp Young
Associate Professor
Research Interests: Johnson's Dictionary; linguistics ; grammar / usage; rhetoric / composition
Margaret Ann Zaho
Associate Professor
Research Interests: Italian Renaissance Narrative Fresco Cycles; Triumphal Imagery; Florence; the art and architecture of the city; Roman Baroque Ceiling frescoes; The Hypnerotomachia Poliphili; Roman Imperial Triumphal Arches
Cyrus Ali Zargar
Associate Professor
Research Interests: Classical Sufism / Islamic Philosophy / Arabic and Persian Sufi Literature / Ethics in Literature and Film

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